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I Can't Breathe
Virgo, Virgo, Virgo-
Others can try and replace you;
None will succeed.
Fading back into a plethora of
Passing glances,
My breath catches in my throat
At the thought
Of your steady hand against my nape
Brushing, caressing
Aside a stray tendril.
There is order in disarray and
Dismay in happiness.
How to express the aching dullness
Rising within?
Even in lowering my own walls, I can't
Stand too long alone.
I can't breathe...
Virgo, Virgo, Virgo-
My rock of Gibraltar, my hope,
I offer my regrets.
:iconkanna21:Kanna21 0 0
Wings fly, winds press along,
Invite in me angelic endeavors,
Thinking how to say a certain
Something in so many words.
Before I knew this kind of tired,
I used to dream.
We chant the secrets to life
Together, fingers interlocking,
Each moment timed for perfection,
Each moment falling unfortunately short.
Though lately I've been jesting,
I used to dream.
I'm humming a song in my head,
So you can't hear my private thoughts.
It doesn't matter if you're sure,
There's nothing you can do to change
The course of events.
All this time, I've been hidden away,
Worried that you'll forget who I am.
Don't come down the path I've chosen;
It's my burden to bare and share
Ultimately alone.
Wings fly, everything and nothing
Have invited a soothing lullaby.
Thinking that hellos were the problem,
I found it harder to murmur goodbye.
Before I knew this kind of tired,
I used to dream.
:iconkanna21:Kanna21 0 0
Play With Your Dollies
Always at constant war
With him, with her,
With you, with us
What do you know about hate
What do you know about love?
What you should do
Is leave the grown up things
To the adults
Play with your dollies.
Go and play with your dollies.
Too young to be barreled down
With lingering regrets
Shouldering burdens
I will do the fighting
I will do the haunting
Shielding you from the blast
Is barely even scraping the surface
Of my purpose
Leave the adults to do what they do
And go to your room
Play with your dollies.
Go and play with your dollies.
:iconkanna21:Kanna21 0 0
The sweet sky
Rains marmalade.
Dripping from my fingers,
I offer you a taste.
I won't make you
Promise me anything.
Only that you please,
Enjoy your time with me.
That's all I ask.
I watch the moon
On days like this
Isn't it beautiful from
Where you stand?
And can't you feel
The heavy burden my heart
Carries for you?
Some days, I will
Dream the impossible.
A dream never stops
To wish it were come true.
The nightsky weeps,
Light falls from my eyes.
A beacon in the middle of night,
I am calmed, knowing
You'll find your way home.
I watch footprints
Disappear in tears.
It's not as bad
As I once believed.
I know that a love gone
Will never truly leave this heart
Having loved before.
:iconkanna21:Kanna21 0 3
There are so many things I want to tell you
And no words to express their entirety.
Caught in the soft shoulder of a snowstorm,
I am resting my eyes and drifting into sleep.
In beauty, there is no way to explain,
The way a heartbeat slows after so long,
The way a heartbeat slows after so long.
In comfort, I have no place to complain
And yet, in these tears, it is okay.
They bring peace to a tightly wound string.
After so long, there is silence to suffering.
In beauty, the words never can express,
Tranquility in releasing pain in faith,
Tranquility in finding the courage to let go.
:iconkanna21:Kanna21 0 3
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United States
I haven't really done anything lately, but in the end of November, I drew two oil pastel portraits. Not quite done yet and oil pastels aren't my strong suit, but oh, how I love the bright colors :).

I plan on definitely completing more pictures for gifts. I also definitely want to get back into doing manga again ^^.
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Hi there American friend.
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Hello there ^_^. How's it going?
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Most fine thanks, winter freeze coming and everything. Couldn't be much better.

Hows America ? Apart from declining dollar and mad president.
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Lol, would it be bad to say I don't pay attention to those things?

^_^. How are things at (insert country/region here)? :P. So is winter something you look forward to? I haven't really seen much snow ;_;.
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