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I haven't done/posted any art in about two years. Or at least anything of significance(sp?). I've doodled on different pieces of paper and whatnot. Have been inspired by zodiac signs and the like.

I want to paint. I want to feel the colors bleed between my fingers.

Do you ever feel like this?
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Just putting this out there, but if anyone wants some quality comments on their pieces, comment on something on mine and I'll gladly return the favor!

I like to look at other people's stuff :).
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I haven't written in here in like forever. Here I am updating!

Not really much to add... so yeah, ttyl lol.
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I wonder if people believe in common courtesy these days online. OR is everything just a joke because you can't see the other person?
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**work in progress here :P. **
Welcome to the <3<3<3Ohtori Bulletin Board for the Ohtori Rose Cafe.

A bell sounds in the distance. Heading through the iron gates of the Ohtori Rose Cafe, they shudder behind you. Walking past the many students, you find yourself stumbling into a cafe. The room is alight from the sun pouring through the terrace, the balcony overlooking the campus. The cafe is elegant, many round tables decorate the wide area as well as a counter, equipped to serve iced coffee, tea, and other assorted drinks and foods. It is here where solace is found, a perfect place to meet friends and relax.

Take the time to read entire journal post before posting a character biography. This is a fledging RP so let's start off on the right foot together, kay?

<3<3<3Ohtori Announcements/Sticky
##1:</u> Currently seeking Student Council members who will basically take up one of seven positions:


#1a:</u> RPers interested in said Student Council positions must RP with said character trait as the defining flaw and redeeming quality.

#1b:</u>May also either RP using the listed character or a created original, which must be approved by me first.

##2:</u> Also seeking interested persons in tending the cafe(i.e. a waitress or a bartender-ish person).

Don't care what kind of RP characters visit as long as a bio is submitted and approved by moi. Like I wouldn't mind seeing Final Fantasy, Inuyasha, or even original characters come by- makes it more fun in my opinion. Here's a couple of rules to start with:

## Rules
Breaking the few rules listed will result in being kicked or possibly banned.
- Be courteous to others- no flaming, insults, trolling, arguing, threats, etc.
- No spamming/flooding.

## Character Profile Sheet</b>


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Ugh, I'm technologically depleted.

Oh well, there goes my exciting life :P.
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I think cake decorating is so wow O_O. I'm trying to learn how to do it so I can do cool things too :P.

Right now, cleaning out the house. Thinking about gathering a whole bunch of stuff for a yard sale and possibly buying more board games. Clue and Guess Who sound exciting.

Aside from that, taking time off from working to work on art and relaxing. I don't do much of either because of always feeling rushed and pressed for time, so I finally did it. I finally made the time to do something.
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Just coasting. Have a little bit of a headache and wishing I had a camera so I could take pictures of some of the portraits I've done for people and some of my sequential art stuff.
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I really love that song called "Anything, Anything" by Dramarama. I just love the raw emotion shown through the song!

Anyways, just contemplating on writing something. I don't usually have time to think and therefore no time to create though new characters keep appearing.

Okay, what is it tonight
Please just tell me what the hell is wrong
Do you wanna eat
Do you wanna sleep
Do you wanna drown
Just settle down, settle down, settle down

I'll give you candy, give you diamonds, give you pills
give you anything you want--hundred-dollar bills
I'll even let you watch the shows you wanna see
Just marry me marry me marry me

I'm so sick of you tonight
You never stay awake when I get home
Is something wrong with me
Is something wrong with you
I really wish I knew wish I knew wish I knew

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I'll even let you watch the shows you wanna see
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I was young I learned a game
And love and happiness were the same
Now I'm older and I don't play
I found out the hardest way.

I got wasted she got mad
Called me names and she called her dad
He got crazy and I did too
Wondered what I did to you

I gave you candy, gave you diamonds, gave you pills
I gave you anything you want--hundred-dollar bills
I even let you hear the songs I want to sing
I'll give you anything anything anything
I'll give you anything anything anything
I'll give you anything anything anything

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Second journal entry in about two years? Lol, I'm on a roll! Heh, bought a bread maker and gonna peruse to find some recipes. Other than that, I plan on playing trivial pursuit later(also purchased from another yard sale) and cleaning house. So yeah, my day is frighteningly normal XD.
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Hello everyone ^_^ My name is Liz and I became a member after seeing some of my friends' works here. My mission is to make a lasting impression on at least one person. =^.^=

Bio Stats

Ht: 5'11"
Wt: 190 lbs
Hair: dark brown/black with natural red and mahogany highlights
Eyes: dark brown.. a dull dark brown :P
Skin: Light golden tan
Shoe Size: 10- bwahahaha, I gots big feetsies and you know what that means! *waggles eyebrows suggestively then looks around* It means I have big feet, y'all...